Fiber plus

Fiber Plus Series are the most classical model with high cost performance ratio. They are designed and manufactured that mainly aim at middle and high end customers. With their excellent cutting ability and stability, they supply the best solution for metal fabrication with the least cost.

Fiber Plus Model Features:

  • Equiped with IPG laser source from 1kw to 10kw.
  • Machine Frame designs with suction system and cooper plate protection.
  • Double servo motor driver, bring higher speed and acceleration, Rapid Speed:120m/min,Acceleration:1.7G.
  • Imported movement parts:Rack & Pinion,Servo Motor,Linear Guide etc.
  • Double driving synchonous technology make sure high speed and precision cutting.
  • Automatic Focus Cutting Head with auto focus, smart piercing, piercing detection functions.
  • CNC control system and operation software, Lantek Nesting software.
  • Fast pallet exchanger and full enclosure.
  • Cutting database help users choose optimal cutting parameter.
  • Dimension:3m*1.5m, 4m*2m, 6m*2m, 6m*2.5m, 8m*2m available.


Características y detalles técnicos

Especificaciones técnicas

En el cuadro se puede obercar todas las especificaciones.

IPG Laser Source:

Excellent Beam Parameter Product (BPP).
Small Focus Over Large Working Distance.
Over 25% Wall-Plug Efficiency.
Maintenance Free Operation.
Very Compact and Easy to Install.
Estimated Diode Lifetime>100,000hrs.

Machine Body

Structural Dynamic Design and Variate Analysis technology of Finite Element Method enable the base own outstanding dynamic and static features. The frame-structure base is made with high quality steel plates by professional OEM partners through welding, secondary aging treatment and precision machining by large-scale gantry-structure milling machine. All of these designs and processing make sure the excellent vibration resistance, rigidity and stability.

Advanced CNC control

The Penta PLUS System is complete with is front-end software: Z32 Control System. This software has been developed within the Windows XP Professional environment. It eliminates the possibility of memory overrun. The critical motion system remains housed in a PC based real time machine control, so that the expected performance and reliability is maintained. The merging of the control and the Windows ™ based PC is invisible to the operator. The control easily facilitates graphic, conversational and conventional ISO formats for manual data input programming. The built in cutting database assists inexperienced operators to choose optimal cutting parameters including advance head set table to cut small hole on thick material. The system can also communicate with an off-line computer via Ethernet connection

Operation Software(Smartmanager4.0)

Our own operation software has many pratical functions such as: Edge-sharing Cutting, Auto Edge Detection Function, Flying Cutting, Job Report, Re-start the job etc.

Lantek Nesting Software

The Nesting software package includes a standard Cad 2D license plus advance metal cutting features, such as Auto Nesting, Pre-Piercing, Auto lead in-out. It converts standard DWG and DXF files into PLUS ISO file.

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