Consys Laser Fiber 1325L

Consys Laser Fiber 1325L 200/300W



Características y detalles técnicos

Vídeo promocional

Professional advertisement fiber laser cutting machine

Options: Raycus 200W - 300W high quality fiber laser source.
Untouched following systems.
Panasonic servo drivng systems.
Imported ball screw a linear guide rail drivng systems.
Auto partitioned exhausted systems.
Industrial chiller.
Off computer control system (supported flies: DXF, PLT, AI).

Technical parameters

Raycus laser source

High power
Life is long
Good spot patterns

Au3tech laser head

Compact size, support a variety of focal length, QBH QCS and other interface. SPI, IPG, RAYCUS, MAX and other mainestream lasers At the same time to support the aplication of flag cutting and three-dimensional cutting aplications.

Precise temperature control

CW600 double WenShuang control cold,water machine, at the same time needs of laser cutting head and different temperature. Meet the different needs of laser cutting head at the same time.

Imported ball screw

Imported ball screw and linear guide rail driving systems

Panasonic servo electric motor

The together with Panasonic servo driver systems.
For unparalleled speed and precision, this make to cut 2mm round perfectly.

Security / stability

Lenovo computer licensed software

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